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Trademarks Journal No. 275 Injunction against a local counterfeiter



Legal basis: Copyright Act, 2000.

Membership of International Conventions: Berne Convention, TRIPS Agreement.

Objects of copyright:  According to section 15, copyright subsists in

literary works

dramatic works

musical works

artistic works (i.e. painting, sculpture, drawing, engraving or a photograph, a work of architecture and any other work of artistic craftsmanship)

cinematographic films

sound recordings

and includes computer programmes as well as adresses and speeches.


Owner of copyright: The first owner of copyright in general is the author. The owner of copyright may assign the copyright or grant any interest in the copyright by license. Licenses may also be granted by the Copyright Board.


Term of copyright:

Copyright in a literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work published within the life time of the author subsists until 60 years from the beginning of the calendar year next following the year in which the author dies.





1.          Name, Address and Nationality of the applicant(s),

2.           3(three) copies of Works.

3.            Declaration from the owner of the Copyright;

4.            A duly executed Power of Attorney.  Please note that the POA needs to be legalized and notarized and it must be filed at the time of filing of the application.

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